The Hi-Point Throwdown Continues.

It's kind of like Bobby Flay's show. But with guns.

Ok, you guys have been pretty patient with me, so here’s an update for the Hi-Point Throwdown. I attended our weekly Wednesday Steel Challenge match and ran the Hi-Point against an M&P.  I’ve also secured a holster for the Hi-Point as well.  Below are the results from the match:

11-Aug-10 1 2 3 4 Total

Triangles 5 To Go Showdown Plate


1 Brian #2 8.77 10.1 8.6 10.89 38.36
2 Brian #1 11.37 9.97 7.71 9.39 38.44
3 Dennis 10.22 10.48 8.86 11.05 40.61
4 Rod #2 10.26 12.74 8.13 11.33 42.46
5 Rod #1 10.49 10.64 9.69 12.58 43.4
6 Jason 12.47 10.89 9.62 10.95 43.93
7 Paul 10.52 12.26 10.53 11.99 45.3
8 Justin M&P 10.56 13.42 7.69 14.32 45.99
9 Pat 13.18 11.86 11.91 14.69 51.64
10 Bonnie 14.01 13.14 10.69 14.93 52.77
11 Justin HP 14.57 13.93 11.97 13.08 53.55
12 Carl 15.75 16.88 15.83 16.55 65.01
13 Adrian 13.52 18.09 16.52 18.44 66.57
14 Curtis 9.44 35.91 10.73 12.74 68.82
15 Carl B. 21.6 18.04 14.01 18.51 72.16
16 Charles 19.63 25.61 14.22 26.52 85.98
17 Michael
46.4 31.06 23.68 26.88 128.02
18 Mark
51.86 57.14 42.32 46.34 197.66

The M&P had one stoppage due to a high primer (ammunition-related).  There were none with the Hi-Point.  Shooting the Hi-Point from a holster evened things up considerably. Drawing the gun feels a bit clunky, though the safety is placed well enough that it’s easy to sweep off as you’re presenting the gun to the target.  The heavy trigger pull still doesn’t do you any favors, however.

For those of you who’ve picked this story up via the Hi-Point forums, welcome.  I saw a couple points raised there about the test, so I’ll address them here:

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what all the competitors were shooting

The division I shoot in is iron-sight. Most of the shooters are running either production-division type guns like Glocks, M&Ps, XDs, Beretta 92s,or single action semi-autos like 1911s. I don’t include the results from other divisions like Rimfire pistol or Open because they’re not really relevant.

Whats the mag cap on the 2 pistols? i was wondering if the c9 needed more mag changes which could cause the slowdown?

Magazine capacity isn’t that important in Steel Challenge. The stages are all pre-set and have no more than five targets.  reloads are done off the clock between strings of fire. The 10 round magazines for the Hi-Point don’t put the gun at a noticeable disadvantage, unless I really happen to screw the pooch and miss a lot.  At which point it becomes moot. In Steel Challenge, if you have to reload on the clock, you’ve already lost.


Note the brass hasn’t yet cleared the ejection port on the gun. I don’t know if this is a result of a lucky shot with the camera, or testament to how slowly the Hi-Point cycles.


Two pieces of brass in the air at once. Pretty awesome. The camouflage holster is the one I’m using for the Hi-Point. Lest you think it screws with my draw, between strings, I rotate the outer competition belt to put the holster in the optimal spot for drawing.

As always, shooting stuff is a blast, and if you’re not already shooting Steel Challenge, you really should go find a local match to attend. It’s great fun.


9 thoughts on “The Hi-Point Throwdown Continues.

  1. So far, I’m impressed with the HP. Yes, it’s not as fast as the M&P, but it costs 1/3 the price.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m impressed with it. But the gun has been running, and the accuracy is good enough for Steel Challenge. I need to get more pistol ammo loaded up so I can run it as a second entry for a USPSA match to see how it stacks up against other guns in Production Division.

  3. Your mag changes are off the clock? Gosh, must be nice… perhaps our steel challenge matches are more akin to IDPA, since we do use some of the same scenarioes, just use steel instead of paper.
    Also, you say the stages are pre-set and no more than five targets… ouch! One of our RSOs, who loves his wheel guns, really enjoys throwing a dozen- sometimes more- targets into the fray. One shoot we had a row of 24 targets attacked on the move from barricade to barricade/hiding point. At the last shoot, even our El Presidente had six targets. Gosh, I really think you’re being robbed. 😦 <<< me feeling sorry for you.
    OK, I have to admit: we probably don't run our club steel challenges according to the rule book. Still, nothing I like more except maybe an IDP course with a hundred targets.
    I'm enjoying your HiPoint challenge, too- keep it up. I really doubt there's going to be much in the way of reporting it being a "bad" gun, just one that's "not so great as an XD". It's one people can afford and it functions, which is why they sell. My son's C-9 wasn't much to heft but it did shoot and he was happy with it.
    Shy III

  4. Congrats on your shooting w/the Hi-Point! I own the Hi-Point .45 & have been thinking about getting the C9 & the .45acp carbine. The proof is on the range about what Hi-Points can do! I have owned mine for 5 years & have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the love on the Hi-Point!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love it!

    Neither my wife, nor I had fired a handgun prior to June 18th, 2012 and I happen to own a Hi-Point C9, so I was very interested to read your “Throwdown” posts.

    My wife and I recently completed the 4 day defensive handgun course at Front Sight in Pahrump, NV, (where I also happen to live). I used my Hi-Point C9 and she used her Hi-Point .380 for the course.
    We put nearly 700 rounds through them in 4 days with no cleaning and had a great experience.

    BTW, most folks sneered at our Hi-Points at the beginning of the course, with one instructor mumbling about how they are “extremely unreliable guns”.
    By the end of the course, we both were able to draw from a concealed holster and fire two, sighted shots to the thoracic cavity of a target 15 yards away within 1 1/2 seconds. Just like the ad says. By the last day I had 4 people ask us about our guns and where they could find one.

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