The Return of Gunkid

By Justin

For those of you who have come to the online gun culture since 2006, you may not have ever heard of John Melvin Davis, aka Gunkid, Hardin, and any of hundreds of other aliases. There’s a very good reason for this.

Since 2006, he’s been spending his time being supervised at taxpayer expense in a federal penitentiary after getting busted for having guns in his possession. (He’s been previously convicted for theft, drug dealing, and trying to make suppressors without having filed the correct paperwork to do so.)

However, all of this really pales in comparison to his worst crime.

John Melvin Davis was an internet troll.

By no means is he the smartest. Nor is he the most technically proficient. Nor was he generally grounded in anything resembling reality.

But there are two things that he actually was:
He was the most prolific internet troll I’ve ever encountered. He applied a work ethic to trolling that, had he put a similar level of effort into holding down a job, he’d no doubt be making a six figure income. He was also unintentionally hilarious. If you’ve ever seen someone on a gun-related forum make a joke about bugging out with a tactical wheelbarrow, using a barkless Chihuahua as a guard dog, resorting to cannibalism after the fall of western civilization* or touting the .22 LR as the best 300 yard cartridge for The End of the World as We Know It, those were all concepts invented by Davis.

Here’s the thing though.

Davis was completely dead serious when he wrote these things. And he was banned from at least a dozen forums hundreds of times over the course of a few years.

After serving his sentence, he was released on October 26th of this year. Be sure to keep an eye peeled for his brand of stupidity. Undoubtedly he’ll be coming to an internet gun forum you like sometime in the near future.

To Gunkid, welcome back. Your special brand of crazy sauce has been, well, not missed at all, come to think of it.

*I’m thoroughly unsurprised that a guy who was incapable of grasping the rudimentary machining skills to mill the frame of a pistol would believe that societal collapse was going to happen any minute now and that within a week we’d all be gnawing on each other’s femurs.

26 thoughts on “The Return of Gunkid

  1. “…that within a week we’d all be gnawing on each other’s femurs.”

    femurs? no.

    Brains? yes.

  2. You know you need to know what crazy looks like, just to have a gage. Reading his ideas make me feel better about being normal.

  3. Wait…

    You mean he WASN’T an authority on post apocalyptic survival?

    Dam. I have to go reevaluate my end of the world plans…

  4. By all accounts, the guns that I managed to kludge together showed such poor workmanship that no one in his right mind would actually consider firing one, let alone paying real money for it.

  5. I managed to get busted for a felony because I was dealing coke and assembling shitty suppressors that no one their right mind would actually want to use. I’m actually legally prohibited from possessing firearms.

  6. Gold prices as an index to the collapse of society? I’ve heard worse, but not by much. I also guess that “com bat” games might give you the skills to be called up to the majors with some high speed units that use silencers (so that they can sneak up on those rabbits). But no I haven’t had a need to make my own silencers, and I have never had a problem with enemy’s showing up after a report. But hey building silencers got you a government vacation so you can never legally own a gun again, or vote. So I guess your decision making skills and logic must be ironclad.

  7. Note from the management – GunKid has been blacklisted, and his comments have been removed. His writing style is about as tough to recognize as Gonorrhea, so he’ll be banned again if he shows up under any of his aliases.

    I don’t mind having a blog loser to kick around in the comments, but GunKid is really too stupid to even fill that role.

  8. For years starting in late 2001, a favorite pasttime of staff at and later at was to play “Where’s Waldo” with the many Hardin/GunKid personas, and then re-ban him.

  9. FYI, I didn’t know “gunkid” before jail but it looks like he’s in full bloom over at pretty easy to track some of his names, but he’s got like 20 there

  10. I admit it, I’m a stupid hack who has no opinions worth listening to, about guns, shooting, or anything else. I also sometimes like to dress up in women’s underwear.

  11. Yup, he’s back on a number of forums. He’s “walkit” on “Doby” on GlockTalk, and “Gunzee” on

    Can anyone track back his ip to his address? It’s time to start banning his ids and ips.

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  13. Well the ratbastard resurfaced @ under the name of “buckler” we banned him for giving fraudulent info he was posting, he then rejoined under the name “pugilist” and attempted to “clear the air” by admitting to being gunkid.

    IP addresses



  14. We at SurvivalMonkey have our fun with him every month or so…. when he goes off his meds, manages to get out of The Home and find a computer. He’s “light entertainment” for a day or two, then we ban him . He keeps comingback like a bad penny. His MO is just too easy to spot, and NEVER changes.

    Seawolf1090/Lee Steele

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  18. He is back again, now known as “Billee or Sugga” He seems to be hangin in our site 1776× in the firearms and SHTF forums. We don’t poof or ban so I guess we get to keep him for a while. Thanks for keeping the info available.BTW he was released from federal prison (again) 3-12

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  20. you fucking morons can’t find your asses with both hands, you lie thru your teeth, and a dozen people are fucking with you, pretendign to be me. 🙂

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