Hmmmm…Kind of Want?

So, recently over at The High Road, this dicussion popped up, talking about the development of a product that will automatically eject the magazine from an AR15 upon being emptied.

Now, generally speaking, when running a COF, it’s rare to actually run a gun dry. Going to slide/bolt lock wastes time, because it adds extra required movements to your reloading process. If you don’t run a rifle dry, all you do is hit the mag release, slap in a new magazine and continue shooting.

In the event that you do run a rifle dry, you have to dump the empty magazine, slap in a fresh one, and hit the bolt release. So there’s at least one extra movement to the whole process, and that adds time.

That said, the idea of automatically ejecting empty magazines seems like a decent idea on the face of it, but I’d be curious to know if there would be any drawbacks to something like this.


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm…Kind of Want?

  1. Something to consider w/ this doodad is what might happen during a malfunction like failure to feed or bolt over bullet.
    In a perfect world this thing and another doodad that would automatically close the bolt upon magazine insertion woyuld make for very smooth shooting. In a perfect world, however, we wouldn’t care about speed.

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