SHOT Show Multigun Match

For a few hardy souls who weren’t sick of anything and everything to do with guns after spending a week at the SHOT Show (new post impending on that), Sin City Shooters Multi-gun put on a five-stage match. The stages were well thought out (two memory stages right off the bat, dammit) and had a good variety of shooting positions and problems to solve. The facilities were great, with ample berms. This is the only match I’ve ever shot where some of the fault lines were delineated with brass posts and velvet ropes. Classiest fault lines ever!

I managed to have some gear failures, including a squib (Winchester White Box) that kept me from completing the first stage, and the screw holding the stock of my rifle on fell out at one point. I’m going to assume those problems aren’t harbingers of things to come.

Results haven’t been posted yet, but between gear issues and generally crappy shooting, I’m not expecting to place terribly well. Still and all, the match was a lot of fun, and was a good way to usher in the new year’s multigun shooting.

Thanks to Charlie Brown, the Match Director, and his crew for putting on a great match at a fantastic shooting facility.

Me with a rifle on a memory stage.


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