February Blackwater 3-Gun

Last Sunday, as has become a habit, I shot the monthly Blackwater 3-Gun match. This time, though, I brought my new HD camcorder along…

I ended up winning the match by just over half a second.

The Good:
Shotgun – I ran the shotgun better than I ever have. Loading, accuracy, and speed were all excellent. It’s probably fair to say that I won this match on the shotgun.
Movement – Looking at some of my old match video from last year, my movement has been improving a great deal. I still have a lot of work to do on this part of my game, but my progress has been pretty significant.

The Bad:
Rifle – I don’t know if I’ve just been getting faster with the other guns, but my rifle shooting seems really slow, especially offhand and supported offhand. It’s probably well past time to break out the .22LR and do some serious position shooting practice.

Fun match as always. Next month, the season really begins to heat up, so expect to see more posts like this.



2 thoughts on “February Blackwater 3-Gun

  1. Hey, I’m interested in this type of shooting, but the local clubs in Annapolis aren’t that helpful. I’m on the Navy Pistol Team, where I shoot International Pistol, and I have grown up shooting everything I could get my hands on, but never had the opportunity for this type of course of fire. Could I get some info about someone who knows what they’re doing who would be available to show me the ropes of starting this? I’ve got the guns, just not the place to practice or the knowledge of the course. Are there any good places to practice and compete on the weekends within a hour or two of Annapolis?

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