Glow Ammo Review

So, here’s the review that I hinted at a few days ago.

At SHOT I bumped into the owners of the company who make a new product called Glow Ammo.

They were kind enough to supply me with a couple of product samples to try out, and on Monday night I did just that.

The product itself are little adhesive plastic discs that you stick on the base of your pistol bullets. Click here to see what they look like when adhered to the base of some bullets.

The owners of Whistling Pines Gun Club were kind enough to let us run a few magazines of the ammo I loaded up, and we shot some video to see what the results would be.

Here’s the video:

Overall impression is very positive. Glow ammo, unlike traditional tracers, is non-pyrotechnic, so it’s safe to use at indoor ranges or places where actual tracers would present a fire hazard. The one downside to this product, and one that the manufacturer is very up front about, is that it will not be visible in full daylight. It will work on indoor ranges, as well as late-afternoon/dusk outdoors.

The trace itself was very visible in a low-light setting, and made spotting hits extremely easy, though in some cases, muzzle flash made it a little bit hard to see the trace for the shooter.

That said, I think this product will prove to be an extremely useful training aid, especially for those who find themselves in the position of coaching a new shooter, or diagnosing another shooter who’s having problems making consistent hits. Feedback from shots fired is instant and easily spotted, allowing a trainer/spotter to give immediate feedback (you can see some of this in the video) without the need for a spotting scope or guesswork.

Additionally, this product could be tremendously useful for competitive shooters who want to post match videos on YouTube or Vimeo, as it allows a viewer to get an idea of where the shots are landing on the target.

Overall, I’m looking forward to testing this product further, and hope to get out to the range to try it under various shooting conditions.


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