More POV Match Footage

Here’s some more POV footage I shot at a match this last weekend. Marvel as I tank a classifier. Be astounded as I execute a standing reload to fire a single shot at the end of a stage.

Despite the screwups, and the fact that I was shooting Limited Minor, I still managed to come in 9th out of 29 shooters in the division.


2 thoughts on “More POV Match Footage

  1. You shoot faster than the capture rate of the camera, but its still impressive for use in after-action.

  2. Yeah, the capture rate is fairly slow on this camera. The one I bought claimed it was Hi-Def, and in a fit of irrational exuberance, I thought “sure, for $20, why not?”

    In looking at the footage in AfterEffects, though, it’s pretty clear the camera shoots it at standard definition and then blows the image up to HD image size.

    The upshot is that I get all of the file size of an HD video with none of the resolution.

    I think the little processor in the camera just can’t keep up, and the frame rate suffers, along with some audio synchronization issues.

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