I just realized that I haven’t dryfired in two days.

Bad CJR!  Bad CJR!  No cookie!

Back soon.


New .30 AR15 Cartridge…

Check it.

While I am wholeheartedly in favor of continued research in the field of ballistics, I really have to wonder about this one.  It’s clearly not designed for long-range performance – lightweight .308 bullets have pretty lousy BC numbers, and the .30 RAR lacks the case capacity to drive the heavier bullets to a useful velocity.

From the limited information presented, Remington seems to be pushing the .30 RAR as an intermediate hunting round.  I’m not a hunter and I claim no expertise on the subject, but are there really enough hunters who want to take to the field with an AR-platform rifle, to justify a new proprietary cartridge?

One further comment – the case head diameter on this round is quoted at 0.500″  That’s going to require the removal of a lot of metal from the AR bolt…