Okay, Okay, I’m Back…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

After some persistent needling from Todd Green and some other Pistol-Forum.com members, I’ve decided to blow the dust off the blog again.

So, enjoy the new theme.  Over the next day or two, I’ll be cleaning up the links and generally getting things updated.  I’m also planning a couple of new sections on training and practice, so stay tuned.


New Addition to the Blogroll: Forgotten Weapons

I’ve added a new link to the blog roll, one that isn’t strictly 3 Gun related, but if you’ve got an interest in the history of firearms development, especially the rarely-explored, cobweb-covered corners of gun design, you should check out.

That website is called Forgotten Weapons. If you want to get a history lesson in small arms, check it out.