ACOG Bloom

Something I learned while down in Texas.

If you find that the reticle in your ACOG blooms too much when shooting in direct sunlight, try using shooting glasses with polarized lenses. I was kind of amazed at how much it cut down on reticle bloom in my scope, as well as the bloom on the fiber optic front site of my pistol.

That said, if you don’t have polarized lenses in your shooting glasses and want to reduce the bloom caused by the fiber optic strip in the ACOG, you might pick up a Scope Fly. I’ve been using one of these for a couple of years now, and find it tremendously useful.

Video From The Texas Multigun Nationals

I’ve finally gotten around to rendering and uploading the video from the Texas Multigun Nationals.


Incidentally, this marks the 100th shooting competition video that I’ve uploaded, and the first one that’s high-definition.

Music taken from Free Music Archive.

The USPSA Rule Book and Smart Phones

You know, it just occurred to me that my hard copy of the USPSA rule book is looking kind of ratty from being toted around in the bottom of my range bag.

It also occurred to me that the official rule book can be downloaded as a PDF, and that most smart phones nowadays have PDF readers on them.

Generally when I’m at a match, I’ll toss my phone in a pocket of my range bag. The thought that I’ll now have an indexed and searchable version of the official USPSA rules seems like a pretty handy thing.

Texas Multigun Championship

As some of you already know, I attended the Texas Multigun Championship last week. I’ll be working up a full on match review, as well as getting some Hi-Def video up on YouTube from the match.

First off, this match was incredible. Despite being the most heavily attended 3 Gun match I’ve ever shot, everything ran smoothly, the stages were fun (more on that in a bit), and Sheldon Carruth, the Match Director, did a phenomenal job of running everything. The prize table was also just outstanding, one of the best I’ve seen. LaRue Tactical, the major match sponsor really made their presence known, and the LaRue folks are just as cool in person as they are online or over the phone. The free brisket was a nice touch.

As for myself, well, what started off as something that I figured would be an easy match to own turned into one of the hardest matches I’ve ever shot, in part because the stages looked a lot easier than they actually were, and in part because it’s tremendously difficult to get a proper sight picture when you have your head planted firmly up your ass.

Also, there were equipment issues. I can say that for the first time ever, my AR had a malfunction that wasn’t ammunition related, and this resulted in my having to walk off a stage incomplete.

Still and all, despite massive failures on my part, I managed to come in 87th out of 289 shooters in Tactical Scope.

Superstition Mountain 3 Gun 2011

So after a long drive from Colorado we’ve arrived at the 2011 SMM3G match, registered, walked the stages, and dropped in for a visit with Dillon Precision.


No. They won’t let you test-fire a mini gun, even if you ask nicely.

Overall impression is that this match is going to be a good one, with maybe a bit more of a speed componenet to the stages and less super tricky technical stuff than in the last couple of years.

That isn’t to say that there won’t be tricky stuff here. One stage requires you to be strung up in a harness, and another includes something I’ve never seen before: airborne no-shoot clays.

Tomorrow is going to be fun.

One of my favorite things about this match is a fairly minor detail, and that’s the match t-shirt.


All big 3 Gun matches give you the option to buy a t-shirt to commemorate the event, and SMM3G consistently has the best that I’ve ever seen. Using memorable cartoon characters that have obviously been drawn by someone with artistic talent definitely makes the cost worthwhile.

Ok, enough for now. Time to grab some sleep.

More POV Match Footage

Here’s some more POV footage I shot at a match this last weekend. Marvel as I tank a classifier. Be astounded as I execute a standing reload to fire a single shot at the end of a stage.

Despite the screwups, and the fact that I was shooting Limited Minor, I still managed to come in 9th out of 29 shooters in the division.

Some footage from this weekend’s match

So, yesterday we rode up to Aurora to shoot a local match. I was lucky enough to be able to run my M&P in both Production and Limited/Minor. It turned out to be a pretty good match, I had some good runs (no results yet, they scored my as having shot Limited/Major, which bumped me up higher in the rankings than I should have been.)

As luck would have it, the keychain video cameras I’d ordered after seeing this story about their use at a Miami Subgun match had come in, so with the application of some velcro to the brim of my hat and the bottom of the camera, I was able to shoot some POV footage, so enjoy!

I’ll be shooting a two-stage indoor match tonight, as well as testing that ammo I hinted about a few days ago, so keep your eye peeled for updates in the next day or so.

The weirdest reloading press malfunction I’ve ever had.


I figured that running the press would be a good chore to get out of the way for the holiday.

Just a few minutes ago, the press suddenly stopped seating primers properly.

After stopping what I was doing, clearing the plate of rounds, and taking some time to investigate, I found a primer stuck to the bottom of the shell plate platform.

Seemingly in defiance of gravity, it wasn’t even jammed on anything. Tapping it with my finger sent it scurrying off for some dusty corner of the basement.