(Long) Weekend Wrap-Up

– 3-Gun match at Summit Point Action Shooters on Saturday.  USPSA practice session at the NRA Range on Sunday.  USPSA indoor match at the NRA Range on Monday.  I am about wiped out.  I also badly need to hit the reloading press – I think I have about twenty rounds of 9×19 to my name…

– Speaking of the reloading press, I had two failures to fire during the USPSA match with Glock #2.  Upon inspecting the unfired rounds, I noticed that the primers weren’t quite seated below flush.  Good reminder to inspect your match ammo, especially if you use lighter hammer/striker springs.

– Go over here, and give the retention holster roundup a look.  I’m a big fan of retention holsters for multigun shooting – in fact, I use the Safariland 6378ALS on a 6004-FLEX drop rig.

– This coming Saturday is the regional multigun match at Peacemaker National Training Center.  Go sign up, if you haven’t already.

The USPSA Rule Book and Smart Phones

You know, it just occurred to me that my hard copy of the USPSA rule book is looking kind of ratty from being toted around in the bottom of my range bag.

It also occurred to me that the official rule book can be downloaded as a PDF, and that most smart phones nowadays have PDF readers on them.

Generally when I’m at a match, I’ll toss my phone in a pocket of my range bag. The thought that I’ll now have an indexed and searchable version of the official USPSA rules seems like a pretty handy thing.

More POV Match Footage

Here’s some more POV footage I shot at a match this last weekend. Marvel as I tank a classifier. Be astounded as I execute a standing reload to fire a single shot at the end of a stage.

Despite the screwups, and the fact that I was shooting Limited Minor, I still managed to come in 9th out of 29 shooters in the division.

Some footage from this weekend’s match

So, yesterday we rode up to Aurora to shoot a local match. I was lucky enough to be able to run my M&P in both Production and Limited/Minor. It turned out to be a pretty good match, I had some good runs (no results yet, they scored my as having shot Limited/Major, which bumped me up higher in the rankings than I should have been.)

As luck would have it, the keychain video cameras I’d ordered after seeing this story about their use at a Miami Subgun match had come in, so with the application of some velcro to the brim of my hat and the bottom of the camera, I was able to shoot some POV footage, so enjoy!

I’ll be shooting a two-stage indoor match tonight, as well as testing that ammo I hinted about a few days ago, so keep your eye peeled for updates in the next day or so.

Back to the local matches…

I shot a two-stage local match last Monday night and managed to land slightly above middle of the pack in all divisions, 13th out of 29 shooters, and, surprisingly, first place in Production Division.

Not too shabby for as little range time as I’ve been getting lately.

On the gear side of things, I’m really, really liking the M&P Pro. After the match, I sent the gun off to get a trigger job on it. It’s about the best M&P trigger I’ve ever felt, and I’ll have more info on it once I get a chance to test fire it at the range.

Next up will be a couple of magazine extensions for shooting 3gun, and I should have all of my pistol bases covered.

Three Months or So With the S&W M&P Pro…

We’ve been taking so much lately about lousy guns; let’s talk about a good one.  Back around the first of April, I purchased a Smith and Wesson M&P 5″ Pro Series in 9mm Para.  I already had two M&P standard models covering carry and defensive duty, so this one was going to be a dedicated USPSA Production pistol.

Right out of the box, this was an impressive gun.  During my first practice session with it, I managed several 3″ offhand groups at 25 yards, as well as my first ever sub-2-second Bill Drill.


The M&P Pro itself, along with the rest of my Production rig.

In the three months I’ve had the M&P Pro, I’ve put just under 4000 rounds through it.  This includes shooting it in the USPSA VA/MD Sectionals, the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun match, the MGM Ironman, and the Pistol-Training.com C.U.S.S. class.  Except on the days I’ve been out of the state, I’ve also dryfired it for at least 30 minutes a night.  As you can see, this piece has some holster wear…

Another angle. No, I don't clean it much.

I have made some changes to the M&P’s factory configuration.  After the C.U.S.S. class, I swapped out the fiber optic sights for a set of Warren Tactical black-on-black fixed sights.  My carry pistols already wear Warren 2-dot night sights, so that was a pretty easy transition.

Shortly after I bought the M&P Pro, I suffered a couple of extraction failures.  This is a pretty well documented issue with the M&P line, and fortunately there are some good solutions.  Around round 1000, I installed and fitted a tool steel extractor from Speed Shooter Specialties, and have had no malfunctions of any kind since then.  I also installed a competition action kit from Apex Tactical.  If you have an M&P, you should try one of these things.  The competition version that I installed yielded a perfectly crisp trigger pull of around 2.5 pounds, with a short and very distinct reset.  When I get a chance, I plan on putting the M&P on the Trigger-Scan and posting a graph of the trigger weight.  Finally, I stippled the frontstrap and grip insert in a houndstooth pattern, which provides a nice sticky grip with sweaty hands.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with how the M&P Pro has ended up.  If you need a solid platform for IDPA stock or enhanced, USPSA Production, 3-Gun, or even duty use, you could do quite a lot worse.



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