Caracal Safety Recall

Damnit.  It appears that a Caracal pistol discharged when it was dropped.  Caracal has issued a recall that covers pretty much every Caracal imported into the US.

Link, with updates.

At least one person has been unable to replicate this malfunction, so my guess is that there’s a tolerance stacking issue with the firing pin block or its related parts.

This is not good news for Caracal.  But, they seem determined to deal with the problem in a professional manner.  Offering to buy back guns subject to the recall is something I’ve never heard of in this industry.

Stay tuned for more news.


The Anti-Gun View On Compromise

I was recently lurking on a blog run by the rarest of all firearms prohibitionists, one who actually doesn’tcompletely lock his blog to comments from those who disagree.

The prohibitionists were claiming that the pro-gun people need to come to a compromise on the issue of gun policy. In response, one of the pro-rights folks asked the prohibitionists what laws they’d be willing to compromise on. They were asked what, if any, gun laws would they modify or repeal in their entirety.

This is the response from one of them:

It’s pretty funny when one of the most unreasonable and stubborn guys around asks what would we like to give up.

I’ve already told Bob, nothing. We give up nothing because this is not a bargaining situation like in business where you give and take.

This is a matter of right and wrong and a matter of life and death.

Emphasis is mine. Regardless, the response starts with an attack, and then veers straight off into zealot country.

I’ve long held the view that many people who espouse anti-gun positions actually do have a vested interest in reducing violent crime, and are simply trying to approach the topic from a (clearly incorrect, unworkable, and wrongheaded) position. I’ve always tried to avoid thinking of gun prohibitionists as a bunch of Snidely Whiplashesque, mustache-twirling, one-dimensional caricatures.

Evidently I may need to revise my stance.

The weirdest reloading press malfunction I’ve ever had.


I figured that running the press would be a good chore to get out of the way for the holiday.

Just a few minutes ago, the press suddenly stopped seating primers properly.

After stopping what I was doing, clearing the plate of rounds, and taking some time to investigate, I found a primer stuck to the bottom of the shell plate platform.

Seemingly in defiance of gravity, it wasn’t even jammed on anything. Tapping it with my finger sent it scurrying off for some dusty corner of the basement.

The Return of Gunkid

By Justin

For those of you who have come to the online gun culture since 2006, you may not have ever heard of John Melvin Davis, aka Gunkid, Hardin, and any of hundreds of other aliases. There’s a very good reason for this.

Since 2006, he’s been spending his time being supervised at taxpayer expense in a federal penitentiary after getting busted for having guns in his possession. (He’s been previously convicted for theft, drug dealing, and trying to make suppressors without having filed the correct paperwork to do so.)

However, all of this really pales in comparison to his worst crime.

John Melvin Davis was an internet troll.

By no means is he the smartest. Nor is he the most technically proficient. Nor was he generally grounded in anything resembling reality.

But there are two things that he actually was:
He was the most prolific internet troll I’ve ever encountered. He applied a work ethic to trolling that, had he put a similar level of effort into holding down a job, he’d no doubt be making a six figure income. He was also unintentionally hilarious. If you’ve ever seen someone on a gun-related forum make a joke about bugging out with a tactical wheelbarrow, using a barkless Chihuahua as a guard dog, resorting to cannibalism after the fall of western civilization* or touting the .22 LR as the best 300 yard cartridge for The End of the World as We Know It, those were all concepts invented by Davis.

Here’s the thing though.

Davis was completely dead serious when he wrote these things. And he was banned from at least a dozen forums hundreds of times over the course of a few years.

After serving his sentence, he was released on October 26th of this year. Be sure to keep an eye peeled for his brand of stupidity. Undoubtedly he’ll be coming to an internet gun forum you like sometime in the near future.

To Gunkid, welcome back. Your special brand of crazy sauce has been, well, not missed at all, come to think of it.

*I’m thoroughly unsurprised that a guy who was incapable of grasping the rudimentary machining skills to mill the frame of a pistol would believe that societal collapse was going to happen any minute now and that within a week we’d all be gnawing on each other’s femurs.

Not All Defensive Trainers are Equal

Matthew Temkin has been posting in various online forums for years, touting his point shooting “technique” for defensive pistol work. For those of you who’ve been lucky enough to participate in the online gun world for any length of time without coming across Matthew Temkin and his constant droning on about how point shooting is the best defensive pistol technique EVAR, consider yourself lucky.

Well, it seems that the folks at Paladin Press saw merit profit opportunities in producing a video based on Matthew’s “shooting techniques.”


Frankly, I’m embarrassed for the poor guy. For years, he’s touted his point-shooting technique as the bee’s knees in defensive shooting, much to the incredulity of those who’ve spent time training with various military organizations and legitimate defensive trainers like Pat Rogers, Louis Awerbuck or Rob Pincus. And now that we have video of his shooting, the only thing I can say is that Matthew Temkin is abysmally bad with a handgun.

To put this in perspective, according to USPSA, I’m ranked as a C-level shooter with a 56.88%. (To make B-level, I’d have to score 60% or better as an average across a number of classifiers.)

So, based on that, you know I’m not any sort of Grand Master or anything. My ranking is fairly run-of-the-mill. And yet, given that, it’s blazing clear that Temkin wouldn’t even be able to hang with a C-ranked shooter. Watching the video, it’s clear that his splits for double-taps and rapid firing are quite slow and methodical. He fails to maintain a proper grip or arm position to maximize recoil control (especially important when quickly firing a pistol with only one hand), and his transitions between multiple targets are glacially slow.

Ok, I hear you saying “yeah, but defensive shooting and competition are two completely different things, and what works in a match may not work when you’re jumped in an alley at 3am.”

There is, of course, truth to that, and admittedly my shooting background is steeped more in the world of competitive shooting rather than defensive tactics. But that said, even as someone who’s not attended defensive classes, it strikes me as a bad idea to approach an assailant while defending yourself. After all, the primary advantage to using a pistol for self-defense is that it gives you the ability to defend yourself at a distance. Other than Temkin, I’m not sure that I’ve seen any other defensive instructor advocate charging your assailant. The bulk of the information that’s out there generally advocates doing everything in your power to put distance between yourself and your attacker as quickly as possible. Charging a single assailant is stupid. Charging multiple assailants is lunacy.

If you’re considering picking up material or attending a class on defending yourself with a firearm, pay attention to who the author is and what their background and general reputation is. There’s a wealth of good information out there, and many excellent trainers who offer classes you can travel to, or if you’re limited in travel, many of them will be happy to come to your range to conduct a class. Seek out good training, and avoid the wannabes.